One minute on a Strategy and Tactics team

“Research, implement, and fail small. When you succeed, prepare resources and make sure to break through quickly and big”


The specialization of the department and the position at Saleograph:

The strategic and tactical manager is employed at Saleograph under the “Strategy and Tactics” department.

This department is composed of professionals with strong logical thinking, analysts, and people with a background in project management, budget management, and interface management.


From this department, you will receive a Saleograph strategic and tactical manager whose role is to analyze in depth the current state of the business: finances, capabilities, resources, facilities, competition with industry players, opportunities, and threats, and to create an implementation path for measurably realizing the business potential on a realistic timeline.

Think about it! How nice it is to have a dedicated, expert, and professional strategic and tactical manager on your team, whose only job is this. The incredible change here is that this professional is only one member of a team of 9, Everyone is around one table.

Role focus as part of the whole team:

The strategy and its tactical implementation (maintaining an actionable work plan daily) are the core of business activity.

When managed with high attention, with measurement and adaptation through the collection and analysis of data from the field (such as market conditions, competition conditions, the organization’s capabilities, and existing resources), it is possible to create a proper preparation for expected challenges.


Undoubtedly, when we have a “Strategic Tactical” manager in our team, we can turn a year that is expected to be volatile and dangerous into a successful one!

We can respond to changes successfully and even create advantages and strengths in the long term (both in moments of crisis and moments of growth).

In short, we can anticipate things in advance and be prepared with an effective, sensible, and managed response.


A strategic tactical manager in your business as part of a task force of 9 employees. Everyone is around one table, just like in any top brand.

Key actions in the team:

Managing a work plan in line with the vision


Collecting data from the field, including the competitive landscape


Using and maintaining budgets (in terms of both money and return)


Responsibility for achieving business goals


Presenting data and conclusions in presentations

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