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Hi! We are Saleograph, an international consulting and advertising agency with over 10 years of experience. In our developed model, we give you a task force of 9 expert employees, who work with you inside the business around one table, just like in a premium brand, to conquer any business goal you have!

Not enough sales?
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Let's start from the end:

Every successful and growing brand employs direct employees in several critical organizational divisions: strategy, advertising, product development, logistics, technology, finance, and legal.

In a small business, this is (at least at the beginning) very challenging to implement. The solutions of most business owners are one of two: either do things independently – which greatly damages the breadth of the business’s capabilities or hire outsourced consultants and/or experts to help the business operate in areas that the owner does not reach or does not know how to operate. In most cases, these solutions do not meet expectations. We at Saleograph understood this a long time ago, and in our work model, we give you a team of 9 employees for a period of up to 3 years (business consultant, creative person, campaigner, graphic designer, content person, search engine optimizer, information systems person, website builder, and developer, photographer, and editor, financial person) where everyone sits around one table, with one goal: to break any glass ceiling and reach the set business goals.

the tail of the business?

How would your business look
with 9 new employees?

The owner of a large or growing brand cannot do everything himself. Think of Rami Levy (the owner of the Rami Levy Group) or Tsvi Vizel (the owner of the Fox Group) doing all the roles in the business. It would probably fail very quickly, despite his abilities.
A CEO/owner needs to know how to hire employees, it is the first and most important business turning point. We at Saleograph understand this well and, under our work model, we provide you with a team of 9 employees for up to 3 years (business consultant, creative person, campaigner, graphic designer, content person, search engine optimizer, information systems person, website builder and developer, photographer and editor, financial person) when everyone sits around one table, with one goal: to break every glass ceiling and achieve the set business goals.

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Sounds too good to be true?
Spoiler alert…
It takes a lot of effort!

In Israel, only 1 out of 10 businesses survive the fifth year of its establishment. This grim statistic shows how almost any business owner can be part of this statistic, which is expected to leave scars in the form of debt, stress, disputes between partners and loved ones, and even bankruptcy.

We at Saleograph know how to operate a business, end-to-end, and turn it into a top brand. However, to succeed, we need a partner with some critical personality traits that are required for successful businesses: a passionate player, a long-distance runner, a self-controlled person, a visionary, and peak energy. For those looking for how to bring in a million dollars tomorrow morning, we probably won’t be the address (if you succeeded, tell us how, because we would also be happy). 😀)

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"Capabilities of a premium brand, at the price of one employee"

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Enjoy being marketing-free!
We at Saleograph will do everything to help you succeed in sales

“Hiring marketing staff or taking the services of a large advertising agency is a monthly cost of tens of thousands of shekels. Saleograph built us a marketing process from A to Z and our results are no less than amazing. An international brand, record sales, and everything, just like the slogan – at the price of one employee (even a little less).”

Yossi Radak
Owner and CEO | NIKA tights

The professionals give you back
your managerial focus!

“We started working in 2019. I was so skeptical about an annual work plan… I was sure it was only suitable for large brands. Saleograph, you are a professionals! You helped me to distill topics, distinguish between the main and the trivial, and manage the growth process of my business professionally and accurately, even during the challenging covid-19 period.”

Berry Slutzki
Owner and CEO | TMC - Thai Massage Center
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Control all stages of advertising!
From a strategy for producing and managing ads to building websites and managing sales.

“I highly recommend Saleograph to anyone looking for high-quality digital consulting and advertising services. Saleograph helped me significantly increase the exposure of my business on social media, which led to an increase in sales. The teams at Saleograph are very professional and dedicated, they are always there to help and support. Thank you very much for everything!”

Tzafrir Dahan
Owner and CEO | Margoza - A family bakery

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